Individual Tapes

Since 1911, we have gained a great deal of experience with a wide variety of narrow fabrics. If you are looking for a textile development partner for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can produce woven and knitted constructions up to a width of 600 mm, using glass and cotton yarns as well as various conductor materials in addition to all available synthetic yarns.

AMOTAPE® Special
Cable Holder

Amotape® Cable Holder

Using high-temperature resistant yarn, we have developed a self-retracting cable sheathing that also allows access to the cables when installed if required.

Tunnel Tape

Amotape® Tunneltape

For a special product, we manufacture flame-retardant tunnel tapes that precisely accommodate a spring steel profile and thus form a foldable support structure.

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Individual Tape

Amotape® Transport

We have developed this 450 mm wide aramid knitted fabric with Zylon connecting bars in the lattice construction shown to enable the gentle support of extremely hot, freshly “baked” carbon rods immediately after extrusion.