Conductive Tapes

Conductive Tapes and Textile Sensors. We distinguish

  • textile electrodes
  • textile flat conductors
  • textile sensors
  • textile antennas or textile induction coils for contact-free charging.
AMOTAPE® Contact

Textile electrodes

Our textile electrodes are mostly used for flat, areal contacting.We manufacture them in elastic and non-elastic versions so that they can be selected to suit the application environment. We also offer textile electrodes with integrated hot-melt adhesive. These can be ironed onto any substrate.

Table Textile Electrodes
0375018 mmAmotape® Contact PET, 7 waving copper wires, app.0.03 OHM/m, iron-on-option, little elasticity app. 5%, very good bending resistancerequest
0358710 mmAmotape® Contact PET, 6 fine silvered copper wires, app. 0.08 OHM/m, iron-on-option, little elasticity app. 5%request
0302312,5 mmAmotape® Contact PET, 5 tinned, straight copper wires, app. 0.04 OHM/m, iron-on-optionrequest
4581512 mmAmotape® Contact PET, 4 tinned copper wires, app. 0.5 OHM/m each, suitable for IDC cable socketrequest
45932100 mmAmotape® Electrode PET, 14 tinned, contactable copper wires build an areal electrode, app. 0.02 OHM/m, elasticity app. 50%, heat-resistantrequest
0336510 mmAmotape® AntiStatic PET/Inox, app. 200 OHM/mrequest
AMOTAPE® Conduct

Textile flat conductors

We produce such textile cables in many different variants. They can be elastic or non-elastic. The number of conductors and their type are practically freely selectable.
In addition to standards available from stock, these textile flat conductors can be developed precisely for your application.
If you are aiming for large-scale production requiring cost-effective contacting, we have partners at our side to work out a solution together.

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Elastic Conductor Tapes

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Tapes with IN+OUT conductors Amotape® in+out

The conductors run inside the tapes and only come out at the points where you wish them to be contacted.

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Table Textile Flat Conductors
45977z.B. 15 mmAmotape® Conduct in+out, Polyester flame retardant, 8 insulated wires, non-elasticrequest
037987 mmAmotape® Conduct Nylon + Elastomer, 1 insulated copper wire, app. 0.5 OHM/m, elasticity app. 100%request
4570810 mmAmotape® Conduct Nylon + Elastomer, 2 insulated copper wires, each app. 0.5 OHM/m, elasticity app. 70%request
4570820 mmAmotape® Conduct Nylon + Elastomer, 4 insulated copper wires, each app. 0.5 OHM/m, elasticity app. 70%request
4595030 mmAmotape® Fast-E-Tex, elastic tape with 4 insulated wires and non-elastic zones to connect PCBsrequest

Textile sensors

In the last few years we have developed various textile sensors for the areas of

  • Humidity
  • Elongation
  • Pressure

These are developed together with our customers for specific applications. If desired, we can read out and evaluate the data obtained together with our long-standing partners.


Elongation Sensor

We manufacture elongation sensors based on two different operating principles:

  • Inductance
  • Resistivity

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Pressure Sensor

Here, too, we offer two operating principles:

  • Capacitance
  • Resistivity

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Table Textile Sensors
4582010 mmAmotape® HumiditySensor, self-adhesive humidity-sensorrequest
4601912 mmAmotape® PressureSensorResistive, pressure-sensitive taperequest
4601413 mmAmotape® ElongationSensorResistive measuring elongation between 10 and 100%request
Heating tapes

Textile Heating Tape

We offer different variants of textile heating tapes. These can be elastic or inelastic. Give us your desired parameters such as width and elasticity. We will propose a solution.

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Flat conductor with circuit

Flat conductor with specific layout

We can insert the conductors into our tapes in a wide variety of arrangements. This makes e.g. textile antennas or coils possible.

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