Wrapping Tapes

We are the wrapping tape specialists for bandages in the hose and roller industry.
Insulation bandages for motor and generator construction are also part of our programme.


Wrapping Tapes for the hose industry

wrapping tape

Amotape® PA66

Since the 1950s we are supplying our PA66-cure-wrapping-tapes to the leading rubber hose and roller producers. We reached our leading position in the market with best quality, timely supplies and competitive price level.

Wrapping tapes

Amotape® PA66 with Amorelease®

Our market-renowned Amorelease® finish offers top performance and significantly improved durability.

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5649~ 64Amotape® PA66 SuperFineSurfacerequest
1408~ 95Amotape® PA66 FineSurfacerequest
1518~ 115Amotape® PA66 Lightrequest
1616~ 132Amotape® PA66 MediumLightrequest
1539~ 140Amotape® PA66 Mediumrequest
1296~ 155Amotape® PA66 Standardrequest
1514~ 160Amotape® PA66 Standard + Amorelease®request
1499~ 195Amotape® PA66 StandardHeavyrequest
1503~ 200Amotape® PA66 StandardHeavy + Amorelease®request
1866~ 300Amotape® PA66 Heavyrequest
1870~ 420Amotape® PA66 Thickrequest
1175~ 160Amotape® PA66 / Cottonrequest

Amotape® PPS

These high-quality wrapping tapes can be used up to 220°C.

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wrapping tapes PPS
Wrapping tapes

Amotape® PES

For some (single-use) applications, our polyester wrapping tapes are a cost-effective alternative.

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AMOTAPE® Insulation
wrapping tape meta-aramid

Amotape® Meta-Aramid

Our meta-aramid wrapping tapes are used as insulation tapes in generators and motors (temperature class H up to 190°C).

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glass tape glass

Amotape® Glass

For temperature class C, we recommend our heat-resistant glass wrapping tapes as insulation tapes. The typical application temperature is 250°C.

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Table Wrapping Tapes NON-PA66
1650~ 160Amotape® Cottonrequest
1580~ 205Amotape® PPSrequest
3631~ 130Amotape® Meta-Aramid Spunrequest
1420~ 185Amotape® Meta-Aramid Filamentrequest
3249~ 430Amotape® Para-Aramid / PETrequest
3248~ 190Amotape® Glassrequest
1344~ 45Amotape® PET Scrimrequest
5020~ 70Amotape® 70request
1428~ 95Amotape® PET Lightrequest
1255~ 150Amotape® PETrequest